What an answer

What an answer to a little boy’s dreams! Real football guys to play his football games! My son is 9 now and still just as excited about Football Guys after four years. What a thrill to find sets with teams!

This is his story: At 1 yr. 9 mo. we went to visit Grandma and Grandpa in Cedar Falls, IA where they have season football tickets. We went to a game at UNI and ever since then Elijah has been football crazy. How fun to watch this almost 2 year old grab a college souvenir football, run, and fall down.

Just like the college players! To play games, as he got older, he used the little pirate guys that are easy to find in the kids catalogs and toy stores now. He played with them until we found Football Guys at KB Toys. What a joyous surprise to see exactly what he had been wishing for the three years he had to use the pirates. Now he is into baseball and is saving up for that set.

Thank you for taking the initiative to create a perfect toy for the sports minded. The intricate plays that he creates along with constant commentating on the game are a delight to watch. This is a boy who never liked the trains with the batteries in them — he wanted to make Thomas the Tank Engine go by HIS power. Now that he has graduated from Thomas, for the most part, the games sets you created are such a logical step in a growing boy’s creative life. It’s a wonder someone didn’t beat you to it!

Thank you for these great sets