Congratulations on inventing such an awesome product! My son absolutely loves your Guys, and he is impatiently waiting for Football Guys and Hockey Guys! I love that my son has been playing with Baseball Guys for four months now without getting bored, and I love that the whole game packs up in its own box. Not only does that help with clean-up around the house, but it makes it easy when my son wants to take it to my parents’ house for Sunday dinner each week.”

Michelle C.

My son is in love with your products. We have the baseball guys, ALL of the hockey guys (including the Classic set, which we bought for our daughter since she wouldn’t keep her hands off her brother’s games)! Thank you for creating a wonderful product. It has provided my son HOURS of entertainment!

Laurne D

The idea that these toys are chock full of room for my son’s imagination to explore is thrilling. And they get to make their own sound effects, instead of unintelligent electronic beeps…yahoo! Your carrying case for easy storage and clean-up helps teach responsibility for their own possessions. This builds their sense of self achieved accomplishment and gives parents a sigh of relief! Kudos on a super product!”

Joanne J.

I have three little boys (ages 5, 3 and 1.5) who absolutely love the players you have.  We have all the sports you offer and have 2-3 sets of them all as my boys play with them ALL the time.  All three fill our kitchen table playing with these.  So THANK YOU.  Thanks for your time and invention of great toys.

Erica T.

Our son, Tommie, just loves your product!  We take one of his sport sets whenever we go on a trip.  Usually depends on the season.  He is on the autism spectrum and is so fulfilled by your toys.  Something about the manipulation and making HIS own story.  Thank you.


Janine J.

My two grandsons – ages 3 and 4 have your amazing baseball, hockey and football sets and spend countless hours playing each one.  Amazing how they learn the sport and sportsmanship and it keeps them going all through the winter months in Philadelphia!!”

Stacey R.

My grandsons have the baseball guys and football guys and play with them all of the time. I would say they are probably their favorite toys. The “Guys” go everywhere with them. Thanks for the hours of pleasure!”

Emily G.

This really is an excellent concept for a toy – I use them as part of my baseball/softball coaching routine to explain positioning and strategy to the kids. So happy to still have some low-tech toys to promote creativity. Thank you!”

Kathy D.

A year after Christmas and my 6 year old is still playing with his soccer guys.  Loves it. Was his favorite toy from last year. Has taken great care of it.”

Mary C.

You know how it is when you love a product you want everyone to love it too…well that is me. I really think the Kaskey Kids have helped my kid develop his imagination and I love it.”

Tammy L.

Just wanted to let you guys know how much fun our kids have with your products.  Hockey Guys arrived last summer and Soccer and Baseball guys arrived this Christmas. There is never a point during the day where at least one of the games isn’t set up in our living room.  I wish you guys would have been around when I was a kid.”

Beth T.

My son has enjoyed your toys over the past few yrs! Thank you for a great quality toy! Love that it’s imaginative play and football without a video screen for a kindergartener!!”

Ellen B.

We got the hockey set, a few years ago, and it continues to be a hit at our house with our boys. I am shocked! (Honestly we have never had a toy be so popular!).”

Dianne G.

My now 8 year old son has been playing with these “Guys” (as he calls them) for years.  He is a total sports kid and this is his ultimate go-to toy.  He has collected almost all of the sets over the years and literally lays on the floor and plays for hours.  It was such an honor to meet the creator of the toy that has been entertaining my son in such a positive way for years!!”

Sarah P.

My grandson and I just found the ‘hockey guys’ last week at Goodie Gumdrops in Burien, Washington. He was thrilled and we played for hours…that day and the next! He now has football, soccer, baseball and hockey. I can’t tell you the hours of playtime he’s had with these. What great toys!

Granny D

Our two-year-old is a HUGE “guys” fan – we own Soccer, Baseball, Basketball, and Football – and plays with them constantly. There are literally “guys” all over our house. We love how the sets encourage imaginative play for a little guy who loves sports as much as our guy does.”

Ellie M.

First off – I want to say thank you.  Last December i bought my 3 yr son a set of your hockey guys and he has literally played with them everyday since.  No other toy has been as meaningful or as lasting as his hockey guys. He now also has baseball guys :)”

Danielle W.

We literally have a bin full of football guys, hockey guys, and baseball guys here at home.  We are at the point where our youngest son has outgrown them but we will continue to buy them for our friends and other family members.  It’s a great product and my boys had so much fun over the years spending an incredible amount of hours playing with all of their sports guys–even building stadiums for them to play in.  They are now being saved for posterity:)”

Lauren L.

My son Colby has loved your toys for years. We have almost every single set! They are made so well and inspire hours of play. When I think of his childhood I will think about his “guys”….Thanks for making such a great quality kid’s toy.”

Kim F.

I am a PE teacher in a suburb outside of Chicago. I bought Soccer Girls for my own daughter this summer. She is 8 and just started playing traveling soccer. Learning positioning with the Soccer Girls has been EXCELLENT! She can’t leave them alone.

Thanks, again, for creating such an EXCELLENT product!!!!! My nieces and nephews will be receiving loads of ‘guys’ and “girls” during the upcoming holiday season.”

Gail Lynn Hartig, Physical Education Department Chair

I think Football Guys is one of the best toys for young children I’ve seen. It puts young children in the middle of a sports situation of their own creation, tapping into fantasy play and imagination. Just as in real sports, there is team spirit, strategy and conflict resolution involved in their play.”

Julie Brown, First grade teacher, Arizona

Football Guys is a great high-touch, low-tech toy for children and an excellent alternative to video games and other activities that are not as engaging and fun. Most importantly, this is one toy that lets kids be kids!”

Laura McCain, Coach

I was a little confused when I opened up my box of Football Guys because it had no directions, but within minutes my son had the field laid out and was setting up formations! Football Guys is a winner!”

Bill Pickel, a 13-year NFL veteran with the Jets and Raiders

Football Guys reminds me of my own youthful exposure to the concept of football. It is a refreshingly simple, pure way for kids to develop appreciation of a uniquely American sport. It is also a learning tool that can be used by coaches at all levels who want to emphasize three dimensional imagery for proper visualization of game strategy.”

John Scully, 1980 All-American and Tri-Captain, University of Notre Dame, and 10 Year NFL Veteran with the Atlanta Falcons

I just wanted you all to know how much my child has loved the football players. That is the only thing he plays with, even today eleven months later. He carries two of them to school every day and everywhere we go he has to take at least two –four to play with. Thank you so much for creating these toys. I can truly say they have stood the test, they are played with every single day…..I will also have to say it is very educational. We have learned our numbers thanks to all the football players have numbers on them and we have learned how to count to each number. Thank you again for such a wonderful toy. There are really no words for how much my child loves them.”

Jen B.

Let me start by saying we love your toys!  We own the hockey guys, baseball guys, and football guys, and will be getting the basketball guys for Christmas…these toys are played with every single day and every game starts with him singing the national anthem.  Thank you for such a great toy, no bells and whistles needed. Hours of entertainment.”

Laura S.

Wow, you made me cry, your response was so unexpected and amazing.  Our son Cole loves sports and is unable to participate.  He was born with a piece of his brain missing and a cyst in his brain at 8 months of age lost his right eye.  He is a miracle and we are grateful for every day with him.  Kaskey Kids gives Cole the opportunity to play.  He loves to lay on the floor and arrange and move them around.  Cole loves Matchboxes and Hot Wheels and uses them as the crowd. So his Kaskey Kids figures have an audience:). Kaskey Kids has given our child and us years of happiness and great memories.  It is these moments that mean a lot.  When other children are running and playing the sport, Cole can play too. I will send you a picture when Cole feels better.”

Claire D.

What an answer to a little boy’s dreams! Real football guys to play his football games! My son is 9 now and still just as excited about Football Guys after four years. What a thrill to find sets with teams!

This is his story: At 1 yr. 9 mo. we went to visit Grandma and Grandpa in Cedar Falls, IA where they have season football tickets. We went to a game at UNI and ever since then Elijah has been football crazy. How fun to watch this almost 2 year old grab a college souvenir football, run, and fall down.

Just like the college players! To play games, as he got older, he used the little pirate guys that are easy to find in the kids catalogs and toy stores now. He played with them until we found Football Guys at KB Toys. What a joyous surprise to see exactly what he had been wishing for the three years he had to use the pirates. Now he is into baseball and is saving up for that set.

Thank you for taking the initiative to create a perfect toy for the sports minded. The intricate plays that he creates along with constant commentating on the game are a delight to watch. This is a boy who never liked the trains with the batteries in them — he wanted to make Thomas the Tank Engine go by HIS power. Now that he has graduated from Thomas, for the most part, the games sets you created are such a logical step in a growing boy’s creative life. It’s a wonder someone didn’t beat you to it!

Thank you for these great sets

Susan, Homeschooling mother of two

My son received the Gators football set as a gift from a clever grandmother and it is a huge hit and continues to be a household favorite. Your sets are now our standard 4-5 year old boy present and many of our friends now do the same. Thank you so much for this line of toys. As the mother of a son, it is wonderful to see intricate and quiet imaginative play from boys!


I just wanted to let you know that my soon-to-be-4-year-old son LOVED these when we gave them to him for Christmas. He said Santa knew exactly what he wanted. When I asked him what he wanted for his birthday on Dec 29th he said Hockey Guys. He spent over four hours playing with these guys yesterday and wanted to do nothing else.

I have been extremely pleased with your product. My son is 8 years old next week and has a form of autism. His infatuations are with sports. I found the baseball guys set at the Pittsburgh Airport. Nolan enjoyed them so much that I then looked up the web site and purchased football guys. He used to play baseball with his army men and I thought how great it would be to find a product with sports figures. I was thrilled to find these toys and Nolan is very happy with them. This product has helped Nolan use his imagination and helped to develop his pretend play skills which is great for an autistic child. Thank you very much for your excellent product!

Heather Rosemeier

I just wanted to send this e-mail to let you know how much my son loves your toys. He started out with baseball guys which was a present for his 8th birthday. He loves it. He spends more time playing with it than any other toy — including video games. He also has the football guys and just got the hockey guys (which he was dying for). He sets up his own fields using other objects around the house and he uses the other guys as spectator’s. I enjoy seeing his set ups — he has a lot of imagination. Thanks again for such a great toy!