We have been creating our GUYS for over 20 years and have heard from so many amazing, wonderful and inspiring families about how they play with our toys!  But, we never imagined that we would dedicate an entire page to one family!   We hope you enjoy these awe-inspiring photos that a family shared with us a few weeks ago. 

The sports fan featured in the photos  – Jake, has always loved the sports, and as far back as his father remembers, his hockey, baseball, basketball, and football guys have been his favorite toys. 

When the pandemic started, the father – son began working on a project to build a miniature baseball stadium for his Baseball Guys. That turned into building stadiums for football, basketball, hockey, soccer, and even a practice facility and minor league hockey stadium. 

The creativity in these photos is unmatched.  But more importantly, we just love knowing that a father and son worked on this project together!  We hope these photos and designs inspires your family!

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