This page is the place that we plan to share some of the fun ways teachers are using our toys in their classrooms! 

Over the years we have loved hearing from so many wonderful educators and want to pass on the creative, inventive and inspiring stories hey have shared with us!

If you would like us to share how our toys have been used in your classroom, please email us at!

SENSORY KIT IDEA (Our 1st Share!)

We loved seeing how Jessica P from Ohio used Football Guys to create sensory kits to entertain her little one and has started her own business to share these sensory kits with others! If you are a teacher and getting your classroom ready for the new year or a Mom who has little sports fans at home we thought you would like to see this!

From Jessica: I recently created a small business making themed sensory bins and play dough kits. I used the Football Guys to make a large and mini play dough kit I think these kits are really great for the 3-8 year old crowd, as they know what sports are but are not quite able to follow the rules of the game or make calculated plays as older kids might with the big bin of guys. I would love to create more play dough kits with the other sports Kaskey Kids has to offer, keeping the 3-8 yr old age group in mind!

So much learning happens with sensory kits!

  • Develops fine motor skills
  • Is calming for children
  • Encourages creativity
  • Enhances hand-eye coordination
  • Improves social skills (sharing, discussing, collaborating)
  • <li”>Supports literacy + numeracy

  • Promotes PLAY!

My 4 year old loves dinosaurs. My husband loves football. Introducing: Dinos vs Guys.

My 2 year old will also jump in to play but has a shorter attention span with the sports game itself. For her, I will use the Kaskey bins for sorting: colors, sport, indoor/outdoor, helmet/no helmet, etc. Also a great add in for science themes: What sinks/floats? I am a stay at home mom and hate the idea of having the tv on all day. I love a good activity that the kids can learn and grow with! We are an active family and our kids love sports so these toys are great for us on cold or rainy days. Since our kids are young we can use it as a family activity or my 4 year old can play with the figures independently during quiet time. He may not understand the way the game works yet but it is exposure for him and an amazing opportunity to be creative and wrestle figures outside of dinosaurs 😉 Having these sport figures are also great for the kids as they get older and play independently with friends. Sharing, discussing, collaborating can be hard skills to learn so the more practice kids have with it the better prepared they can be later in life.

– Jessica P, from Ohio

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